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SC&A is an employee-owned small business headquartered in Vienna, VA, providing environmental and energy consulting services since our founding in 1981.

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2/2015 - Kira Darlow, one of SC&A’s lead compliance specialists and auditors, has been certified by the Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certification (BEAC).

11/2014 - SC&A was awarded a contract by the NRC to investigate where patients go, other than their homes, immediately following release from treatment with I-131 (primarily for thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism). Treatment institutions will include both government facilities (e.g., VA hospitals) and non-government facilities distributed geographically throughout the United States. Patient destinations will include hotels, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and correctional facilities. As an optional follow-on task, we would measure radiation exposures from treated patients to personnel at non-home locations.

10/2014 - SC&A has begun work as a subcontractor to PNTS Incorporated on a Phase I SBIR project for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to develop a system for the indirect remote detection of shielded radiological and nuclear threats by non-atmospheric secondary effects in electromagnetic materials—in this case, a metamaterial. SC&A’s primary responsibility will be to model the radiation environment using an advanced Monte Carlo radiation transport code.

9/2014 - SC&A has been awarded a task order with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Radiation Studies Branch to develop a template for an exercise plan compatible with the DHS HSEEP guidance that a jurisdiction can adopt to exercise its Community Reception Centers through a drill.

9/2014 - On October 1, 2014, SC&A’s Juan Maldonado became one of three approved third-party verifiers in the U.S. to offer airport verification services under the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program. ACA is the popular carbon management program by the Airport Council International and has been adopted by 104 airports in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa since 2009. ACA is projected to be adopted by North American airports over the next few years.

9/2014 - SC&A was awarded a contract with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to develop a 2011 emission inventory for particulate matter in Yuma, Arizona. The product of this contract will be used to analyze Yuma area air quality and provide information for any future State Implementation Plan or maintenance plan development.

9/2014 - SC&A announces the formation of a new NORM/TENORM division to handle increased NORM work demand. The division is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and is headed by Mark Krohn, MHP, CHP. Mr. Krohn has more than 32 years of experience with radiation safety, including more than 24 years specializing in NORM/TENORM concerns. NORM/TENORM consulting services offered by SC&A include environmental assessments, field surveys, facility audits, and the development of worker protection plans, waste management plans, and licenses to perform various NORM/TENORM activities. Training courses offered by SC&A include NORM Awareness, NORM Surveyor, and NORM Radiation Safety Officer courses.

8/2014 - SC&A is pleased to announce the award to our team (SC&A and subcontractor Beckman & Associates) of a contract to provide the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) with Technical Assistance in Support of Agency Environmental and Reactor Programs. Our team will provide the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation and Office of New Reactors with a wide range of engineering, environmental, and regulatory support in all aspects of nuclear power plant licensing, including NEPA compliance and license renewal. We will also assist in the review of the APR-1400 reactor design and support the Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs with environmental and safety reviews of non-power-reactor facilities, including low-level waste and uranium recovery facilities.

7/2014 - SC&A has been awarded a contract by the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy to provide Regulatory Flexibility Analyses in support of their comments on specific rules proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and other agencies.

7/2014 - SC&A is pleased to announce the completion of 2012 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. Earlier this year, SC&A completed for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey the 2011 Greenhouse Gas and Criteria Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory. These reports showcase SC&A’s expertise in developing air emissions inventories tailored to address an organization’s environmental/sustainability policy.

6/2014 - SC&A, as a subcontractor to Solv LLC, is providing engineering, environmental, and regulatory support to the Department of Energy’s Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance.

5/2014 - SC&A is pleased to announce that Mark Krohn has joined SC&A in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mark is a CHP, holds an M.S. in Health Physics, and has over 32 years of radiation protection experience. Prior to joining SC&A he was the VP of Operations for ARS International, Inc. His areas of expertise include TENORM, regulatory compliance, licensing, and site remediation. He has experience with naval and commercial nuclear power and is a court qualified radiological expert.

3/2014 - For the third time, the NIOSH Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health has selected SC&A, Inc. to provide support in its oversight of the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000. This $15.8 million full-and-open competitively awarded contract has a term of five years and provides the Board with expertise in health physics and nuclear engineering, as well as a broad range of outreach activities.

4/2014 - SC&A is proud to announce that our colleague Linda Foley completed the Boston Marathon in a time of 3 hours and 17 minutes, placing her 18th in her age group. Quite a feat given the field of World Class runners.

2/2014 - SC&A was recently awarded a project with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). As part of this project, SC&A will conduct a review of the greenhouse gas emissions from OPIC’s portfolio projects. In addition, we will verify that emissions estimates are consistent with internationally accepted carbon accounting methodologies.

9/2013 - The State of Utah’s Division of Radiation Control (DRC) contracted SC&A to provide support for the review of EnergySolutions (ES) June 2011 license amendment application, including performance assessment, for the shallow land disposal of depleted uranium low-level radioactive waste.

9/2013 - Andrew Shroads presented a case study at Ohio University’s Consortium for Energy, Economics, and the Environment’s “A Workshop for Efficiency, Emissions and Energy Choices in Ohio” demonstrating the difficulties in assessing air and greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas production and determining what air regulations and air permit requirements apply.

9/2013 - SC&A recently assisted Navus, LLP, an IT solution provider located in Kazakhstan, with a substantive edit to an operations guide for a new software product. We made sure the document was clear, concise, and reflected native American English usage and the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications.

8/2013 - The California Air Resources Board recently accredited SC&A, Inc. as a greenhouse gas (GHG) verification body. During the month of August, SC&A successfully completed the 2012 GHG inventory verifications for Redding Electric Utility, Kingsburg Cogeneration Facility and Goal Line, LP. Since 2004, SC&A staff have conducted dozens of GHG verifications for a diverse set of clients and under multiple mandatory and voluntary reporting programs, including the Massachusetts GHG Emissions Reporting Program, The Climate Registry and the Climate Action Reserve. SC&A also assists private and public entities interested in identifying their carbon footprint and committed to developing mitigation and adaptation strategies in response to climate change effects.

8/2013 - Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) emissions accounting and reduction support provided by Kira Darlow of SC&A to the Department of Energy (DOE) has contributed to Josh Silverman, Director of Sustainability Support for DOE, being recognized as a finalist for the Service to America Medal for discovering DOE’s high SF6 emissions and leading efforts to halt the release of more than 1 million metric tons (carbon dioxide-equivalent) of SF6 from DOE facilities. Mr. Silverman and DOE’s achievements were also published in The New York Times on June 12, 2013.

7/2013 - Andrew Shroads of SC&A was cited by the International Atomic Energy Agency for work he performed on their behalf evaluating computer models for predicting transport of radioactive contaminants to urban environments, especially atmospheric dispersion, deposition and environmental transport.

6/21/2013 - SC&A, Inc. is pleased to announce the purchase of the staff and contracts of the Springfield, Virginia office of TranSystems Corporation (formerly E.H. Pechan & Associates, Inc.). This acquisition brings additional air quality and climate change capabilities to SC&A, including substantial capabilities in air pollution and greenhouse gas emission inventories, emission forecasts, and control measure evaluation and costing. The acquisition of the former E.H. Pechan brings together two firms with outstanding technical capabilities and reputations, which have been in business since 1981. For additional information, please contact Gregory Beronja at 703-893-6600 or via email at

3/2013 - SC&A, under subcontract to Cadmus, will provide technical support in the development of Protective Action Guides related to radionuclides in drinking water.

1/2013 - SC&A, as a subcontractor to Paratus Management Partners, is providing technical support for a tabletop exercise being coordinated by the Northern Virginia Emergency Response System.

1/2013 - SC&A editing services are now available! Having provided editing services to the federal government under contract for nearly a decade, SC&A is pleased to expand this service to all clients on a per-job basis. Our experienced scientific and technical editors can provide both copy editing and substantive editing (including the application of “Plain Language” principles), as well as original writing and document layout and graphics support. For more information or to obtain a project estimate, please contact us at

11/2012 - SC&A staff authored an article for the November 2012 edition of Journal-American Water Works Association, titled “Reliability of Drinking Water Quality Data Used for Compliance Determinations.”

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